How to Bulk Disable/Enable Multicast Polling on All SolarWinds Orion Nodes (SQL)

When I was doing SolarWinds consulting, I ran into a lot of clients complaining about poor database performance in relation to their multicast routing tables having millions of rows in them. These customers were often looking a quick and easy way to identify all of the nodes which have multicast polling enabled on them, as well as a way to quickly disable it.

First things first. If you want to identify which nodes have multicast polling enabled, you can run the SQL query below in Database Manager or SQL Server Management Studio.

SELECT n.Caption
, n.IP_Address
, n.Vendor
, n.MachineType
, p.PollerID
, p.PollerType
, [Enabled] 
FROM Pollers p
INNER JOIN NodesData n ON n.NodeID=p.NetObjectID
WHERE PollerType LIKE 'N.MulticastRouting%' AND [Enabled] = 1

Whether you have used the query above to identify the nodes with multicast polling enabled or not, the SQL query below can be used to disable multicast polling on any nodes in Orion that currently have them enabled.

UPDATE Pollers
SET [Enabled] = 0
WHERE PollerType LIKE 'N.MulticastRouting%' AND [Enabled] <> 0

If you want to enable multicast polling on them again, you can just change the enabled line to equal one where it currently equals zero, like below.

UPDATE Pollers
SET [Enabled] = 1
WHERE PollerType LIKE 'N.MulticastRouting%' AND [Enabled] = 0

Below are links to these SQL queries on GitHub:

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