How to Bulk Disable/Enable Topology Polling on All SolarWinds Orion Nodes (SQL)

If you're not familiar with topology polling, it is used by SolarWinds Orion to determine the node-to-node dependencies. So, for example, if a switch goes down you would get an alert for the switch and not for all of the dependent child nodes that are plugged into the switch.

One of the SolarWinds Orion environments that I took over had topology polling disabled on a large portion of the nodes. This prevented a lot of dependencies from being created which otherwise would have been.

Of course, you could go through all of the nodes one at a time, hit the list resources button, and add topology polling back to each one of them. Or, you could run a simple SQL query to enable it on each of the nodes that have it disabled.

Let's start by identifying which nodes have topology polling disabled. The select statement below will find all of them and also get the related node information from the NodesData table so that you sanity check what you're going to change.

If all of the results look good to you, the query below can be used to enable topology polling on any nodes that have the setting explicitly disabled.

Easy peasy! I have a couple variations of these on GitHub if you want to go the other way and disable topology polling in mass. Those are linked below

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